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Visions. Developments. Successes.
Innovations drive markets

Our mission is to find the right solutions and responses to a variety of challenges, and to constantly redefine the boundaries of what is possible (link to Innovations – The Engine of our Success). This is the basis of the success, which REHAU has already enjoyed for decades, as is great optimism towards the future.
Discover REHAU's outstanding innovation potential for yourself.

The constant new challenges which we set ourselves are reflected in the market and by our customers, so it is important to have powerful partners on our side. We can generate many innovations through our own efforts, but general projects need strategic partnerships.

The innovations culture, and therefore success is always based on intelligent methods of co-operation.

Our innovations portal should on one hand be an option for you to contact us directly, and without obstacles with your requirements, expectations and challenges. On the other hand, it should be a quick and uncomplicated way for you to let us know your interests, if you want to actively participate in certain developments.

To make your introduction as easy and with as little red tape as possible, we offer you a brief insight into some research and development topics which we are currently actively working on.

Are you as a potential consumer looking for new approaches? Are you convinced that the respective developments would be improved through a joint partnership?

If you are able to answer “yes” to these questions or/and are interested in us.


Ideal – and not just for aircraft construction

Hard as steel, gossamer fine and light as a feather. Modern materials make it possible to combine such opposites. But the race to find materials that unite maximum strength with minimum weight is still far from over. However, progress has reached a point that appeared utopian but a short time ago, and REHAU materials development expertise played no small part in this. For instance, REHAU achieves lighter components by employing intelligent filler concepts. The density of high temperature thermoplastics has thereby been reduced by up to 20%. The fillers used are chemically inert and are even suitable for medical applications.

An alternative concept for lightweight yet extremely rigid components is the combination of metal and plastics, so-called “hybrid” structures. The process of firmly bonding polymer materials to metal reinforcement in a single operation directly inside the injection molding tool, developed by REHAU, means savings in material, weight and costs when compared to conventional mechanical bonding methods.

Do you have specific questions or are you looking for a development partner? Please feel free to contact us.


Light breaks new ground

The possibilities of light, as regards functions or effects, for example, are nowhere near exhausted. Also, the way light affects the wellbeing of people and other life forms can still be markedly improved. To find solutions to such challenges and to get closer, step by step, to the dynamic replacement of daylight with efficient means and methods, as an overall aim, REHAU is aiming for a broad range of applications. This is yet a broad field of development in which light, quite rightly, is associated with terms such as “design” or even “intelligence”.

Do you have specific questions or are you looking for a development partner? Please feel free to contact us.


The strength of natural fibres

Over millions of years, nature has developed materials which achieve the best property combinations whilst using the minimum resources, thus championing natural fibres not only for their intrinsic strength, but also for their high flexibility. REHAU integrates this know-how of nature into its products, and uses wood fibre from local, certified sources in its polymer materials; a perfect example of this is REHAU's innovative decking profile, RELAZZO. Here, the wood fibres provide the necessary rigidity and natural look, pair this with the typical properties for plastic, such as resistance to weathering and low water absorption, and a whole new class of material is created.
REHAU is constantly striving to optimise the processing possibilities and application properties of fibre materials beyond the state of the art, an example of which is their attempt to modify wood fibres or to introduce alternative natural fibres like hemp, flax, kenaf, bamboo and cellulose.

Do you have specific questions or are you looking for a development partner? Please feel free to contact us.


7Hydrogen – the clean form of energy

Hydrogen technology is an environmentally-friendly, sustainable method of using and storing a renewable source of energy. The global increase in energy consumption and dependence on fossil fuels has produced a marked trend towards “energy autonomy” over the past few years. Hydrogen is a universal energy carrier and hydrogen technology is one of the key technologies of the 21st century. A hydrogen management (distribution, storage) using polymer-based solution is a subject that REHAU has now dedicated itself to.

Many years of experience in three business divisions, i.e. CONSTRUCTION, AUTOMOTIVE and INDUSTRY, has produced broad-based knowledge in the fields of plastics and process engineering (processing thermoplastics). Through the consistent exploitation of synergies, REHAU is making consistent advances in hydrogen technology. As such, we are currently working on an innovative pressure reservoir concept in which we are responsible for the entire production through to the finished pressure reservoir system.

In the area of conduit systems, initial investigations have already been carried out, which confirm the theoretical suitability of pipe systems already in series production, including connection systems, for the transport of hydrogen. Here, suitable pilot projects are currently being sought in order to field-test the pipe systems. Through the combination of existing knowledge and a high level of innovation, REHAU is developing intelligent, polymer based solutions for hydrogen technology.

The intelligent combination of existing knowhow with a large measure of innovative power makes REHAU a serious partner when it comes to polymer-based solutions for hydrogen technology applications.

Do you have specific questions or are you looking for a development partner? Please feel free to contact us.
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